Data recovery is basically hacking

Data recovery has a variety of procedures that remind of hacking. Let’s see!

In general there are a few ways you can access information stored on your storage devices. These include getting past physical and logical parts of storage devices that enable you to get the data you need. Usually this is done through an interface, now days an operating system.
Data is accessed by going through queries that ask the storage device to provide information. But when your drive fails, you need data recovery. Because the regular ways of getting the data you need are not working, you will need to use data retrieval methods that are not ordinary. Basically, you are hacking the storage device for your data.
In some cases this may be through software, in others through using sophisticated data recovery hardware.


Still though, you are accessing data in an unconventional way, the same way that hackers use to bypass the regular processes set in place to interact with your storage devices.

I guess it is true that you can do both good and bad with any skill and this is particularly true of data recovery.
From this we can establish that someone good at data recovery is a good hacker and vice versa.
This comes into play when you are selecting your data recovery professional. Someone that is good with hacking will easily break into your drive and provide you with the data you need. It is actually funny that this legal hacking is not more controversial. But it is also not taught in most universities, since this is knowledge you need to obtain through practice, trial and error. Also they probably do not want every kid on the block to be able to break into data storage devices and retrieve sensitive data.
So, what do you think about data recovery? Is it hacking?