San Francisco – A city with many names

Officially known as City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco is the cultural and economical hub of the northern California area. It is the fourth largest city in California and the only consolidated city and county in United States. The most recognised attractions of the city are the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the once functioning but now retired Alcatraz prison. While full of landmarks, San Francisco high-tech industry is developing at an incredible rate bringing in experts from different fields like networking, cloud-computing, hardware development and software implementation.

San Francisco has many different nicknames such as: “the City of the Bay”, “Fog City”, “San Fran” and many others. Besides having a very high standard of living it is also home to many big banking and technology businesses. The city’s economy is very broad and diverse, and was until recently mostly focused on financial services and tourism. While that is still the case, high technology industry is becoming ever more present in San Francisco’s economy.

The county and city of San Francisco is services by San Francisco International Airport. The airport is a major gateway to Europe and Asia and ranks 8th as one of the busiest airports in United States and the largest international gateway in the country. Trading is always active through the Port of San Francisco which is found in the natural harbor near the Golden Gate Bridge. The port is a waterfront and a gateway into San Francisco and it’s a mecca for all sorts of activities like sports, cruises, business and much more. It has its own shopping mall, aquarium, museum and a cruise terminal. Along the shore there is the AT&T ballpark serving the legendary San Francisco Giants baseball team. But besides all these exciting activities, the Port of San Francisco is a great opportunity for business.

A story emerging

The growing technology sector of San Francisco means you will find companies like Mozilla, Dropbox, Twitter and Pinterest here. The high-tech industry mostly developed in the last 20 years as the broader use of internet made it possible for many new companies and software developers to move into the city. This also meant that professionals from marketing and sales followed and transformed San Francisco into a very popular place for emerging tech businesses. The city is also very favoured to live in among Silicon Valley employees for companies like the giant computer, smartphone and software developer Apple, the incredibly successful e-commerce eBay , the largest chip-set maker and semiconductor developer Intel, and the cloud computing and software developer Google.

These are just some of the companies San Francisco is home to and the large amount of IT services here means data recovery is in high demand. Because of the many high-tech companies found in the city, San Francisco is home to some of the best data recovery services that keep everything afloat. Hard drives, SSD’s, USB keys, digital cameras and other devices are always prone to failure and the loss of data can be a serious issue. San Francisco data recovery services are always available to help out with these issues so you can be up and running back in no time.

Mozilla – an open source frontier


Founded in 1998, Mozilla was created by the previous members of the legendary Netscape company who were world-famous for their Netscape Navigator browser. Mozilla is a free and open source community that is most known for its web browsing application Mozilla Firefox. The company also develops software like operating systems, email clients and is involved with many other projects. The team behind Mozilla’s projects are engineers, doctors, architects, programmers and anyone else willing to contribute their free time to building a free-open source software that improves the internet and our digital devices.

Twitter – connecting us all


Just like many other high-tech companies, Twitter has its headquarters based in San Francisco, California. Created in 2006, this online social networking services gained heaps of popularity world-wide. Today, Twitter boasts over 300 million active users and has been described as the “SMS of the internet”. Since its creation, Twitter has become one of the primary ways to spread world news quickly. There are over 350 thousand tweets sent out every minute which makes twitter one of the most used social services sites in the world.

Dropbox – sharing made easy


Operating out of San Francisco, Dropbox is an American company that provides cloud storage services worldwide. The program is widely used to share files and folders which are accessible from anywhere and with any kind of device as long there is an internet connection. Dropbox took cloud computing and data backup to a new level. It is one of the most used backup services in the world that holds about 15% of the world’s backup solutions market, which means that about 300 million people are actively using Dropbox services.

San Francisco Panorama from San Francisco Bay
San Francisco Panorama from San Francisco Bay

Pinterest – telling a story through pictures


Launched in 2010, Pinterest is one of the most successful photo sharing companies. Used by millions of people around the world, Pinterest allows users to save, upload and share photographs around the world of any content. Content such as photographs and videos are known as pins where a collection of them rests on a pinboard. The services is especially popular in the educational sector and among computer specialists as it allows to create boards of videos and photos and easily collaborate on them. Pinterest is one of the best way to advertise a product or a company, because of its easy of use and the pins ability to speak for themselves. And all of this can be done in a cloud-based environment reducing the risk factor of hardware or software failure on our side.

San francisco – Paris of the west

An ever increasing tourist destination, San Francisco is known as the Paris of the West, due to its beautiful architecture, high standard of living and landmarks that you have to visit. For new, emerging businesses it is a great place to start making your dream come true. The abundance of technical knowledge and the open and friendly community always welcome new ideas and propositions. The services San Francisco excels at are data recovery, application design, networking solutions and hardware and software development.