Recover Lost Data Step by Step

Tips and Warnings:

1. Always backup your important data.
2. Data is not really lost when it can not be seen. Don’t panic! there are a variety of resources at your disposal for getting your data back!
3. Do not write any data into the hard disk or partition where data loss happened.
4. In the case of any malfunctioning storage device, beware of the risks associated with trying to recover the data yourself; you are likely do to more harm than good if the exact problem has not been determined.
5. Data recovery software is only useful for recovering recently deleted files or partitions. If a device is malfunctioning due to physical damage or internal malfunctions, recovery software will NOT work.
6. If software recovery is unsuccessful, consider sending your device to a professional data recovery company. These companies have labs with experienced technicians using specialized equipment to recover data off of any digital storage device.

Free Software for Data Recovery:

1. DMDE Free Edition – The most effective way to recover files from a dead hard drive
2. Recuva – Recover files accidentally deleted from your Recycle Bin, quickly and easily
3. PhotoRec – Recover lost files from any media, with support for hundreds of file formats
4. MiniTool Partition Recovery Free – Lost a whole partition? MiniTool’s excellent recovery software can help
5. Paragon Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition – Can’t boot into Windows? All is not lost with Paragon Rescue Kit


Commercial Software for Data Recovery:

1. Data Rescue PC3
2. Ontrack EasyRecovery
3. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional
4. Seagate File Recovery
5. R-Studio
6. Data Recovery Wizard
7. Recover My Files Professional
8. GetDataBack
9. Power Data Recovery
10.Salvage Data Recovery

How to Recover Lost Data with Software:

1. Launch the software, and choose a module according to the reason for data loss (deletion/format/partotion loss).
2. Choose the volume where there were lost data and start searching, then you will see a list of volumes where data loss possibly happens.
3. Choose and preview the lost data that you want to recover.

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